River Mile
Illinois River  
TW = 9.51 ft
TW 1 Week Forecast =9.5 ft
TW 2 Week Forecast = 9.8 ft
TW = 19.76 ft
TW 1 Week Forecast = 19.7 ft
TW 2 Week Forecast = 20.0 ft

TW = 19.63 ft
TW 1 Week Forecast = 19.4 ft
TW 2 Week Forecast = 19.7 ft
Locks 27 requires an 8 hour lock closure for the main chamber on March 16, 2016 from 0800 to 1600 to conduct magnetic particle testing on the lift gate to insure there was no structural damange from recent barge accident.
TW = 9.99 ft
TW 1 Week Forecast = 9.2 ft
TW 2 Week Forecast = 8.8 ft
Gage = 12.70 ft
1 Week Forecast = 12.5 ft
2 Week Forecast = 11.5 ft
Gage = 15.74 ft
1 Week Forecast = 15.2 ft
2 Week Forecast = 14.1 ft
Gage = 22.34 ft
1 Week Forecast = 21.5 ft
2 Week Forecast = 20.0 ft
Route 182 Bridge pier and deck repair work
continues from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday thru Friday. Mariners may contact the onsite work boat M/V MISS LUCY via VHF-FM Channel 13 for further information.
Gage = 38.39 ft
1 Week Forecast = 38.8 ft
2 Week Forecast = 32.3 ft
Anticipated Dredging Locations
Dredge Potter
Dredge Goetz
Dredge America
Very Likely to be Problematic at Low Water
Could be Problematic at Low Water
Problem Resolved
L&D 22
L&D 24
L&D 25
Mel Price
Missouri River
Lock 27
St. Louis
Cape Girardeau
Illinois River
Upper R.
Lower R.
Kaskaskia R.
Ohio River
Meredosia Bridge Replacement; Due to high water, construction work on the left descending cofferdam has been suspended until river level decreases.
Due to shoaling in the vicinity of Mile 203.0, there has been a significant change in the navigation channel. Five bouys have been relocated resulting in a channel shift towards the Missouri side of the river. Mariners are urged to exercise caution in the area.
A USACE contractor will be working on dikes & revetments between RM's 195-0 until further notice. Mariners are asked to transit any construction areas at their slowest safe speed.
Eads Bridge: A containment system in the Missouri and Illinois spans remains suspended 3 feet below low steel. The containment system in the center span has been raised to 10 inches below low steel.
Until further notice, the USACE is rebuilding the bank line at 35.0 RDB. Multiple
barges and equipment will be along the river
bank during operations. for additional
information contact M/V MS. JENNIE at
901-494-8427, and proceed with caution.

Dredge Status

Dredge Potter
-The Dredge will remain dockside until further notice..

Channel Marker Status

Be aware that there may be other buoys off station/missing than the ones mentioned in this report. Mariners should use caution.

For ATON or Buoy issues please contact or 319-520-8556

The Pathfinder will be dockside this week.

Additional Risks / Concerns

Current Weather

Highs in the lower 70's; Lows in the upper 30's. Rain forecasted for Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat., and Sun.

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